Writing: Pleasure and Cultural Experience

Writing is boring. At least this is something I keep hearing from my students every now and again. Well, to some extent it is boring. It requires some manual effort. Despite this, what not to like about expressing your thoughts, ideas and emotions in a way that gives you time to think them through and be explicit and eloquent?!
Writing is speaking in a silent manner. Everybody likes to speak. So, I assume everybody should like to write, too. However, not many of us do. I am going to allow myself a guess… Do we write boring letters to boring people about boring stuff? OK then, everything becomes clear.
If we are lucky to find a person with whom it is easy and interesting to communicate, written communication will also bring joy. And when we find them plenty…

Almost a year ago I came across an article about odd hobbies. Frankly speaking, the hobbies considered were not that odd. Moreover one of them got me really interested. The word “postcrossing” didn’t ring any bell but the description was fascinating. Basically random people were exchanging postcards from all over the world according to some simple rules to make the avalanche of cards an organized phenomenon.

My first encounter with this leisure pursuit led to the official website http://www.postcrossing.com/. I created my profile, stated what kind of postcards I would like to receive, sent the 5 cards which were necessary to become an official postcrosser and started to wait. In a month after my registration I finally got my first card. It came from Lyon (France) and depicted a building of a relatively ancient cathedral covered with snow. The sender of the postcards – a French student wrote a lot of things about herself, including the fact the she hosted a Belarusian guy and enjoyed his company and added that she thinks all Belarusians are cool.

Having registered the card I realized that my new hobby is totally great. First of all, I tend to write different things to different people, widening “about me” section of my CV. Second, if I choose to write about same old stuff, I face the issue of boosting my vocabulary. Third, the card doesn’t allow to say a lot and it helps stick to the point without sounding official and cold.
Obviously there are exceptions, people who don’t really care who they are sending their cards to and what exactly they are sending them for. A few cards that I received contained “Hello, How are you?” Some cards were chosen carelessly, possibly because they were free ad cards. However, in some cases you actually feel that a person who chose it for you was trying to foresee your reaction and such cards are often supplied with interesting stories about their senders.

I also try to be interesting for my recipients J Even if they don’t find my writing to be extraordinary, they always get the cards they ask for from me.
It seems to me that describing Postcrossing I have lost the main idea of the post! Well, that’s the problem of cards… no possibility to say everything! On the other hand the good thing is that exchanging postcards allows you to express yourself in writing, to get acquainted with the person who sends you the card as well as the culture the person (or the card) represents. Another valuable thing is this: you have no choice but brush up your knowledge of geography!


Об авторе irinanrial

Привет! Это мой персональный блог, который не преследует никаких творческих или коммерческих целей. Он родился давно - еще в ЖЖ, поэтому в нем вы найдете много нужной (и еще больше ненужной) информации обо мне, о том, что меня волнует и не волнует, а также, куда меня привели мечты, и как они ошиблись государством :)
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