About Games, Movies and Grammar Exercises

Finally my struggle with the poll functional is over and the poll is back on again. As far as I remember I owe you at least two reports.

If you still remember that once you answered the question about your favourite activities at English classes, then you probably also remember that the possible answers were: grammar exercises, vocabulary games, boardgames, watching movies, listening tasks, making dialogues and just talking.

I wonder if today your answer would still be the same! Anyway, to my surprise nobody really likes listening exercises or making dialogues. Literally zero participants voted for these options.
Astonishingly, watching movies got only 7% of votes. And I would bet everybody adores watching movies! Well, probably they prefer watching films in some other language but English. Alongside this option, boardgames also boasted 7% of votes. Well, I guess it’s fair. Often boardgames are underestimated and perceived as a drilling tool. However, they are multifunctional and can be used for any purpose, basically. Even to ease the tense atmosphere by adding some funny chips or tokens…
The second place of the poll was shared by two activities that nearly contradict each other – 23% of votes were casted for just talking and grammar exercises. I am not going to comment on the latterJ, but just talking is not bad at all.
And the Oscar goes to… Vocabulary games! I love them too, so I would also choose this answer myself. I even started to have my doubts at some point when I heard a few comments like “strange” and “very strange” given by me students. Well, now I am pretty confident that vocabulary games are the best!
So, the debt is paid off. Next time I’ll tell you how you evaluate your language skills.


Об авторе irinanrial

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