The Winner Takes It All

The majority of respondents (59%) chose Movie Club as the most preferable out-of class activity. Perhaps, they will be happy to know that namely this project will soon be implemented

Movie club is predictably the most popular activity since it is always fun, authentic and doesn’t require a lot of effort to participate. Come, watch, enjoy! More or less the same thing can be sad about the option that proved to be second best – Speaking Club. Being graduates of post-Soviet schools, we all have language barriers that are often hard to overcome. The aim of any speaking club project is to make it possible.
And here comes my big WHY.
Why has the Grammar club occupied the third place??? What makes grammar so attractive for us, post-Soviet people?
The idea of a debate club is left behind, which might be explained by the necessity of following particular rules and not just talking in a relaxed way about popular topics (the latter is what a speaking club provides).
Book club is not at all popular. Well requires preparation (i.e. homework).
Drama club is lagging behind. Well, we are adults now and nobody dreams to be an actor anymore, I guess J
A few respondents would try all of the above and nobody would abstain from participation. Good! Other projects are coming up!


Об авторе irinanrial

Привет! Это мой персональный блог, который не преследует никаких творческих или коммерческих целей. Он родился давно - еще в ЖЖ, поэтому в нем вы найдете много нужной (и еще больше ненужной) информации обо мне, о том, что меня волнует и не волнует, а также, куда меня привели мечты, и как они ошиблись государством :)
Запись опубликована в рубрике My English Crib с метками , , . Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.


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