Russian Beats Them All. Again :)

The goal of the latest poll was to find out if one language is enough or a person should know at least two foreign languages. 
Apparently most of respondents (27%) believe that they need to brush up their Russian after their English is good enough to communicate freely. I will also add 22% on top, since those ones believe that English is enough for their purposes.

However, 44% would prefer to speak at least two languages. Half of them will take up a course of a widespread European language (I assume French, German, Italian, or Spanish) and the other half are interested in mastering an Asian or Middle Eastern language (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, I guess). Studying a rare European language attracts 5% of respondents. It is hard to make guesses here. It might be Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch or Danish… Sounds appealing to me, too! I personally would go for Portuguese but I wonder if it falls into the category of “rare”. The whole of Brazil speak it after all!
Regrettably, nobody wants to study any Slavic language. IMO we tend to underestimate the opportunities that for example Polish or Czech may present. The latter for instance gives a chance to study for free in their Universities… and generally speaking, knowing a(ny) foreign language can never be unnecessary!

Об авторе irinanrial

Привет! Это мой персональный блог, который не преследует никаких творческих или коммерческих целей. Он родился давно - еще в ЖЖ, поэтому в нем вы найдете много нужной (и еще больше ненужной) информации обо мне, о том, что меня волнует и не волнует, а также, куда меня привели мечты, и как они ошиблись государством :)
Запись опубликована в рубрике My English Crib с метками , . Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку.


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