I’ve Been Studying English Too Long…

as well as 66% or respondents who have participated in the most recent poll

Studying a language is an ever-lasting process. Even when you believe you know it really well, you come across a lot of new words, expressions that appear to be hard to figure out. You are sure that a particular word is never used in some context, however, the very next episode of some series you watch disproves that. You are certain that this verb is state and is not allowed with the “ing” ending but…

Well, that truly is annoying. On the other hand, this is what learning languages is all about. This process never ends. That’s why when somebody says they know English perfectly; I assume they are liars or geniuses. IMHO even native speakers are unlikely to be perfect at their own language 🙂


Об авторе irinanrial

Привет! Это мой персональный блог, который не преследует никаких творческих или коммерческих целей. Он родился давно - еще в ЖЖ, поэтому в нем вы найдете много нужной (и еще больше ненужной) информации обо мне, о том, что меня волнует и не волнует, а также, куда меня привели мечты, и как они ошиблись государством :)
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